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THE Lowly Peon

The Lowly Bieber 
27 March 2011, 12:56pm

My hair has been getting kind of long, and after my run this afternoon, I took a shower. Apparently, my hair, when washed and allowed time to dry before I go to sleep, is rather straight. And surprisingly Bieber-licious. So I'm ready, 14 year old girls. I'm ready for the swooning and for Twitter to dedicate 3% of their infrastructure to me.

The photo's a bit dark because it's late, so sorry for the image quality. Note that I did not change my shirt for this photo. That's really the shirt I was wearing.

And now I understand why Jason doesn't go out when it's windy...

(Bieber photo from Wikipedia)

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[27 March 2011]

Ha ha, I love it! :)



[27 March 2011]




[27 March 2011]

Well, I think your hair looks nice! And I don't know how Justin deals with his hair over his ears all day. That would drive me crazy!