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THE Lowly Peon

Becoming a Texan (Part I) 
30 March 2011, 8:47am

My Illinois driver's license expires in just a few weeks, which means I need to renew it. The timing is awful, as it means I need to renew it just after moving to Houston. It's more awful because of all the stuff Texas requires to get a driver's license.

First of all, they require my fingerprints. I am not cool with this. No one needs my fingerprints. I don't know who will break into the Texas servers, but I don't doubt it's possible. And what's the point of biometric security anyway? Once someone figures out how to fake it (and I promise, if someone hasn't already, someone will soon), there's no way for me to reset my fingerprints of retinas. Not a good idea.

But the most exciting requirement, and the reason I decided to post this blog, is available in their list of valid forms of proof of social security number (here):

Federal issued Social Security Card. (Metal Social Security cards or types sold at flea markets will NOT be accepted).

Damn! I can't use the social security number that hick gave me for half price when I bought his rooster!

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[30 March 2011]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lawrence flea markets!



[30 March 2011]

Okay, I will tell you — by far the BIGGEST pain about getting a Texas Drivers' License is the wait time. I don't know how they do it in Illinois, but in Ohio they take your picture and the new license prints out instantly. In Texas, they take your picture, and the picture gets sent to Austin, and then you wait...for 4-6 weeks for the Capitol to send you the new license in the mail. Meanwhile, they have confiscated your old license, and you're forced to carry around a big awkward piece of printer paper that says "TEMPORARY LICENSE." It does not fit in any wallet, and it makes it nearly impossible to buy alcohol for six weeks.

Anyway, that's my major gripe about the DPS in Texas. That and in Dallas you have to get there an hour before it opens to stand in line, and even then you're looking at another 45 minutes once it opens before your number is called. The offices are so, so congested and poorly managed. I once went at 12pm, and the estimated wait time was FOUR HOURS.

Anyway, welcome to being a Texan!


THE Lowly Peon

[01 April 2011]

nocturtle: yikes. the DMVs in illinois are no picnic either, but are at least a little better than that. i get to renew my illinois license online (which i'm doing simply because i don't want to give tx my fingerprints and don't want to wait in line!).


THE Lowly Peon

[01 April 2011]

i just renewed my IL license online! took 5 minutes and is good for 4 years!

(though technically once i have residence in tx i still need to get a license there... but after that comment from kate i'm not so sure...)



[05 April 2011]

yea...this sounds like getting a license in ca as well...