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A Sigh of Relief 
20 April 2011, 1:03pm

At last. Both daisy and I can relax a little now. Last night around 11:30 CST, Wednesday morning China time, Daisy's application was approved and she got her green card.*

We've spent the last six months gathering documents, preparing documents, scanning and signing documents. The amount of work I personally have done is probably less than a third of what Daisy has done, and even I'm exhausted. The difficult aspect of gathering these documents is that only a small handful are actually necessary — and most of those our awesome lawyer provided for us — but so many documents _may" be useful.

For example, if the consulate thinks there may be a chance that I can't provide financial support for Daisy, then Daisy could show them my paystubs, bank statements, etc. Or perhaps the officer thinks that Daisy was lying when she said she knew my family well; in that case, Daisy could show a bunch of photos of them together.

The whole process made me sure that I never want to be audited, as I assume it's a similar process: think of some obscure documents that provide a tiny bit of information, spend two weeks bothering people to get it, and then find out that it's incomplete.

Aside from the preparation, we now are certain that she'll be coming to the states. My lawyer laughed a little when I asked if we would have any problems, certain that unless we made some mistake, we'd be fine, but I've still spent the last few days worrying. Talking to my friend the other day, I compared it to airport security — you know you've done nothing wrong and should have no problems, but if you rub someone the wrong way, who knows what you could be found guilty of. (Yes, TSA, that's what I think of you.)

We still haven't confirmed exactly when Daisy will be joining her husband in sunny Texas, but we're hoping it'll be early May. (Hopefully in time for her to throw me a birthday party!)


*Well, actually, she got a funny little paper that said she would, and the US government will mail her green card first to Beijing, and then our lawyer will forward it to her in Hangzhou. For some reason, Zhejiang province is out of their mailable zone.

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[20 April 2011]

Phew! Congrats guys!!



[20 April 2011]

Way to go! Can't wait to get you over here, Daisy!