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Baseball Games 
30 April 2011, 1:54pm

I don't really care much for sports. Especially the sports that take a few minutes to play but somehow, with all the commercials, take several hours to watch. But for whatever reason, one thing I've been very excited about for my return to the states is to go to a baseball game or two.

Earlier this week, in the midst of a busy work week and getting our apartment together, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to see the Astros on Thursday. $10 for a bad seat, $20 for a good one, he said. I was thrilled. So we bought a pair of the good seats for $20.

That very night, we received an email from our boss' boss: the company has four season tickets at the Astros, and they were going unused for Wednesday's game. The tickets are usually to woo customers, so this sort of thing happens frequently. Those interested reply to his email, and he picks randomly to see who the lucky winner is.

Well, on Tuesday night, I was the lucky winner. (Or they are really good at making me feel welcome here in Houston.) So we got four tickets, just past the dugout on the third baseline, second row.

The weather was great at Minute Maid park (no longer the Astrodome, sadly, like Neil Young and Marlon Brando would've talked about), perfect for a ball game. In fact, I was in heaven even without peanuts and a beer, up until the fifth inning or so. AT&T provides free wifi, seamlessly integrated with the iPhone, at Minute Maid, so I used it to search for "good beer minute maid". Sure enough, I found a single booth that was selling Sierra Nevada!

There was a guy sitting in front of us who kept yelling ridiculous and hilarious things (eg when it was 6-0, "come on Astros! We just need to hold them and score seven! Then we'll win!"). And a homeless looking guy was sitting nearby too who tried to do the same, but perhaps had a few screws loose and wasn't nearly as entertaining.

Anyway, the park is a whopping 10 minutes from my apartment, so I think we'll be going back. Can't wait for Daisy to get here to go to a real baseball game!

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[30 April 2011]

Yayyy baseball!!



[30 April 2011]

Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a game yet this season, and I really want to!