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Spam, AT&T 
06 May 2011, 2:09pm

Since moving back to the states and getting a new number, I've been receiving lots of spam calls. My Google Voice number, the one you all know and use, allows for easy filtering of numbers and calls. AT&T does not.

Every single day since I've gotten this phone, I get an automated call for Ashley from 216.647.0870, claiming to be "First National Bank" or something. A quick Google search shows that this number is fraudulent.

So, after a few days, and again just now, I called AT&T to complain. I don't understand how they couldn't help out — they make it extremely simple to block calls to land lines, and every other service provider I've used in my lifetime has been able to block numbers, especially if it's spam.

What did AT&T do? Try to sell me a $4.99/mo package targeted to parents who want to restrict their children's callers. They can't block individual numbers.

This surprises and enrages me. It seems like it would be a law to be able to block spammers. I received tons of spam in China, but I was at least able to call China Unicom, and after an hour or so of being on hold, could block numbers (that weren't from China Unicom themselves, which wound up being the majority of spam I received).

Too bad the iPhone doesn't have some sort of call blocker built in to it. Honestly, with the amount of spam calls I'm getting at this recycled number, I'm tempted to jailbreak my phone to install some kind of blocker.

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