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Becoming a Texan (Part III) 
26 May 2011, 9:48pm

I remember being bothered all my life that everything was really just a way to prepare for the next step. Why study in high school? So you can study in college. Why study in college? So you get a good job? Why get a good job? Well. No one really answered that.

Anyway, I feel like I'm at the last step of that process, whatever it was, and I feel great. My feeling, day to day, is no longer that of "just a while longer of this and then that!" Instead, it's let's do it today! My job has been great since coming back, very busy and productive and challenging and rewarding. It takes a bit too long for me to get home, which is a drag, but I still have enough time to make dinner or go out to dinner, and feel like I have enough time to do whatever I want.

Daze and I went to the pool yesterday on our roof. It was incredible! And it's right there! And tonight we're going to walk to a nearby sushi place, which is rated the best in Houston. Then tomorrow we're going to a friend's house to eat crawfish, and Saturday my friend Anne is coming to town! And then this weekend we're going camping on the Frio river with a friend and his wife.

I suppose the only thing I'm waiting for the end of is the Houston heat, but I know well that I should get over that...

Yay for being a grown-up!

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