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Heights Fun Run 
04 June 2011, 2:50pm

A few days ago, daisy surprised me by saying she wanted to go running with me. We went to the gym in our apartment — it's way too hot outside to run after work — and I was very impressed: she ran just over 3 miles in about thirty minutes.

So when my boss' boss' boss sent me a link to a 5k fun run in the heights, a neighborhood just north of us, I jumped at the thought. Daisy said she was interested, and we signed up.

The run was this morning at the crack of dawn, just before it got so hot your glasses may start to melt. It was loaded with people, and, of course, they only had XXXXXL t-shirts left. We went to the starting line after getting our numbers and stuff. I think Daisy was pretty nervous and unsure of what to expect, and I just wanted to get out of the crowd and running.

Before the starter's pistol, a very loud voice on a very loud speaker requested a moment of silence for the troops. And then a young girl's voice came on to lead us in a prayer. Daisy and I were flabbergasted. After the rather long prayer about blessing us on our run, we were told to put our hands on our hears for the national anthem. It was a pretty bizarre pre-race event.

The run was great. I did it in less than 26 minutes, which was my goal. You can see my stats, thanks to the awesome iPhone app itunes, here: http://kineticurl.com/5t2s3t.

I was at the finish line when Daisy came blazing through like she had just gone for a long walk. Her time was excellent, especially considering it was only her third run since high school! Go Daisy!!

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[04 June 2011]

That's awesome guys! We ran the Bolder Boulder 10K last week and it was a total blast! You guys need to do it with us next year. Put it in your calendars now!

Also, we should go on a run together next weekend!


THE Lowly Peon

[05 June 2011]

bentomas: wow! first hiking the inca trail, then running a 10k? well done, lad!