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Missing Colorado College 
15 August 2011, 1:49am

It's been over four years since the last of the crew left Colorado College. It seems like way longer, but, although I barely trust my math skills anymore, I'm fairly confident that 2011 - 2007 is 4.

I miss that whole period of my life. I had a great discussion with daisy last night about how things end. Her thesis was basically that it's horrible how all things end, and mine was about how beautiful it is that all things must pass. It still pains me, though, to think that we'll never really have those good times again.

And then, perusing my iTunes library via Home Sharing on her iPad 2, daisy saw a picture of benji in his birthday suit walking across a slackline, and played his slideshow, as posted on his post "Saying Goodbye Sucks" (smaller version here).

And all I can really think to say is:

Holy wow we had some really good time back in those days. And I can't wait to see all of you guys next month.

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[15 August 2011]

Aw, the links to the slideshow don't seem to work. I've been thinking about CC a lot lately. Sometimes I wish I could go back and just relive certain days, or even a couple hours at a time. I don't want the memories to fade!



[15 August 2011]

I fixed the links to the slideshow.

And man, those were some really good times, I think I'm more with Daisy on this one...