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Heat (IV)
20 August 2011, 10:51pm

For those of you who may not think Houston is really all that hot, here's a quick anecdote for you.

This morning, daisy and I woke up early ready to start our weekend off right. We had stayed up a bit late eating home made sushi, drinking quite a bit good wine, and watching Japanese animations, so it was a bit of an effort.

We decided to check out the nearby farmers market, a whopping 0.8mi away. We had chosen our route carefully to avoid any streets lacking shade, and it was a rather enjoyable ten or so minute walk.

We bought some home made jam from a cool hippy, some great Indian curries, and suddenly it hit us:

Houston is really hot.

I hadn't noticed, but I was sweating bullets. My shirt had nearly completely soaked through. This all was, without exaggerating, within fifteen to twenty minutes — tops — of leaving our apartment door. We walked home along a sightly less shaded but slightly shorter route home, and I felt like we had just spent all day roofing or something. I was wiped.

Total time spent outside: thirty minutes.

Total quantity of articles of clothing used up: five.

Total amount of energy spent to buy some jam from a hippy and some good curries: 93%.

Houston is really hot, people.

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