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Apparently, I love 'Consuming Media' 
04 October 2011, 9:16pm

Lately I really have felt that there's not enough time in a day. The weather in Houston has finally dropped below 95f, I've been really into exercising, and it's fall, which means good TV is on.

For those of you who claim that Apple is only good at making devices designed for "media consumption", I say you can shove it up your media consumption! But really, there's just so much good media to consume. Let's take a look at what's been keeping my consumption up:

Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman! - A gift from the wonderful benji, I started reading this on the plane returning from Chicago. It's perfect for me: a bunch of unrelated, yet related, short stories, that are fun, smart, and make your think if you want to. It's extremely light, but truly enjoyable. Highly recommended to anyone who appreciates knowledge and science and the way things work. Thanks, benji!

Breaking Bad - I can't really remember when I started watching this show, but I remember it was mid third season. They took a (long!) hiatus for a while, and just started the fourth season. This show is strikingly like drugs the subject matter: it's painful at times, unbelievably satisfying at times, and is really intense. I very much recommend this show, but warn you that it is a bit uncomfortable at times. Almost all of the show makes you worried that someone will die. And if you watch it, you must start from the beginning!

Game of Thrones (link requires flash) - Daisy started watching this on one of her Chinese websites a few months ago and it seemed like fun. I watched an episode and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The show takes place on a fictional land similar to the UK in the middle ages. Lots going on and lots of drama. (And it's on HBO, so you can bet there's lots of sex.) I waited patiently for HBO to release it to the world, either through DVD or iTunes or whatever, but they didn't, so I grabbed it under fair-use. I'm now about 80% of the way through the first (and only, thus far) season. It's fantastic. Really. Must see.

House - I hate to say it, but I've lost a bit of interest in House. It's gone on too long, like so many other FOX shows, and I get the feeling they all know it. The last season ended so impartially I hadn't even realized it was the finale. This is on my list only because I really do love this show and I want it to end on a good note, which I'm hoping is before too late. I just downloaded the HD version on iTunes and am excited to get started on season 8!

I've been watching a few movies here and there too, but not enough. I never feel like I watch enough movies. I love movies. Even bad ones. Daisy, let's watch more movies.

iPhone 4s - I've been reading so much about this thing that it needs to be on this list. And guess who will be waiting in line (or at the ready on a computer) October 12? This guy right here, thelowlypeon.

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