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THE Lowly Peon

My Running Goal 
05 November 2011, 1:39pm

I've been running a bunch lately, and it feels great. In fact, I continuously get notifications from Runkeeper.com that I've beaten my personal record for distance, distance in a week, etc. (See my progress here!)

I've never really enjoyed running. I've always believed, and still do, that my body is a cyclist's body (although a bit tall), not a runner's. I feel exhausted after running in ways that I don't after cycling, and after a good long bike ride by whole body feels satisfied; running leaves my legs feeling a bit sore, as do my biceps, and the rest of me is just out of breath. The reason I ran before was to just get some exercise as efficiently as possible — you can run almost anywhere, so traveling is no excuse, and it only takes 45 minutes or so.

But lately, all of that's changed. It's become extremely meditative. I go running after work three or four days a week, and once on the weekend (the other weekend day is my riding day). And recently I decided to up the ante a bit.

Instead of running between 4 and 4.5 miles, like I have every run since probably 2003, I'm going to increase the distance 10% each week, as benji and kerbbs recommend. I'm already up to 5 miles, and it feels great. Once I convinced myself that I could run for 5 miles, it seems almost easier than when I was only running for 4mi!

I'm very excited about this. My goal is to run 10 miles, without even stopping for a small walk, by next spring. If anyone wants to join in, you're more than welcome!

You can see my progress here: http://runkeeper.com/user/thelowlypeon

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[05 November 2011]

Wow, Peter! I'm impressed! Keep up the good work!



[07 November 2011]

Way to go Peter, you can do it!