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Toothbrush Machine 
16 March 2012, 1:54am

A few months ago, Daisy & I took the plunge and decided to get an electric toothbrush. I did a bunch of research, and we decided to go with a Philips Sonicare Fancy-pants model.

And I'll tell you: I love it.

My teeth feel amazing all the time now, and I actually spend probably three to four minutes at each brushing (twice daily) making them feel even better.

So when we were driving through Little Rock, visiting lizerbeam en route to Chicago, and the toothbrush was accidentally left (passive voice) in the hotel, I felt lost and confused. My folks had a few spare toothbrushes still in their packaging, so we had at least something to keep clean. But my teeth have felt like crap since then.

The Holiday Inn shipped our toothbrush via FedEx, and it arrived today. I just spent two whole cycles brushing (it's on a fancy-pants timer), and I feel wonderful again.

So my suggestion to you: get an electric toothbrush! Worth every penny.

[22 August 2012, 1:51pm]

i just came across this and feel it's my duty (ha! i said doodie) to inform you:

the toothbrush heads have that little blue stripe to indicate when you need to replace them. they say they last for three months. bogus! and at $10 a pop (usually about $30 for a three pack), that's an expensive habit!

i still recommend it, but beware. it's a bit like how razor companies give you the razor for free but charge a fortune for the blades.

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