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Bolder Boulder Pre-Game Thoughts 
20 May 2012, 2:12pm

Many of the 'rados will be heading to Boulder this weekend to run the famous "Bolder Boulder" 10k.

I'm very excited to see everyone, and I'm very excited to run in this race. However, I fell out of my solid running groove, and have recently been struggling to run even 20 miles per week. So I fear this 10k — at 8,000 feet! — is gonna hurt.

Originally I was shooting for 48 minutes — under 8min/mi — but after the last few weeks of falling out of my routine, and with that altitude, I'd be happy if I got 50 minutes.

Anyway, it should be a blast. daisy and I are staying at a bed & breakfast (mostly because all the hotels have been booked solid since last year's Bolder Boulder), and we're going to make a good ol' vacation out of it.

Hope to see you there!

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[21 May 2012]

Can't wait for you guys to get here! It should be a fun weekend! And technically speaking a 8min/mi 10K would net you a 49:43 finish time because a 10K is 6.21 miles.

(Keri says I'm being a know-it-all, so for that, I apologize!)