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Brewing Coffee 
22 August 2012, 1:47pm

I suppose I haven't really talked about working at our new company much at all since we started it back in March, and I've talked even less about our coworking space, or "office", since we moved in here around June.

I had no idea it was such a common occurrence, but coworking spaces are all over the place. We certainly couldn't afford an office, with furniture, insurance, internet, etc, and I was going insane working out of coffee shops or our living room. We found a place within walking distance of my house called The Coop, where you pay a bit of money every month and can leave your stuff there and work 24 hours a day. It's been wonderful.

Since we started here it's gotten a good bit bigger, with more people coming in, and apparently it's up to a six week wait list. We are fortunate to have a whole corner (we call it "the nook") to ourselves.

But there are still some things that we do indeed need to share, it being a coworking space and all. And one of those things is the kitchen, and in in, the coffee. Walking through the office I can see that almost everyone is sipping on coffee. A few are from a French press, but many from drip.

Yet it seems every morning, no one is actually making the coffee. Naturally, I consider it my part to make a whole pot for anyone to have. Ugh, no grounds, so I need to grind up some beans. I grind a bit extra for the next guy. (Right? Isn't there a kill-it-fill-it rule?) A few hours later I go back for another cup, and there's no coffee left - just the nasty burnt part at the bottom of the pot, with the wet grounds still in the filter for me to clean.

Anyway, it's been a bit frustrating being the guy who's always making coffee. But sometimes it pays off:

This morning, a very nice gentleman, a business owner who works here, came to say thanks to me for making the coffee. He usually just has espresso, he said, but today he smelled the pot I made and could really use it.

So that was nice. My faith in people has been restored.

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