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My New Wheels 
30 August 2012, 1:31pm

Every day, I walk about 25 minutes to work, and 25 minutes back. Google Maps has this clocked at 1.3 miles.

I really love walking, and walking in Chicago is quite enjoyable. I started a project about ten weeks ago call #mywalktowork, in which I took a photo every day, with the limitation being only that I take exactly one photo per day on my way to work. It was intended to keep me interested in this wonderful city, rather than peek at my phone the entire way.

(Note: I just tried for about twenty minutes to get all those shots onto one linkable page, but to no avail. Sorry.)

Anyway, as much as I like walking, and as much as I've liked this project, it seemed like time to be able to get around a bit easier. So I bought a Razor A5 Lux Scooter. I've been pretty excited for it to arrive, and yesterday, at last, it did!

I scooted to work today. It took me eight minutes to get here by scoot. So for $60, far less responsibility than a bicycle (I don't need to lock it up, I can take it inside, etc), and a pained left quad, I took my commute from 24 minutes to eight!


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